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A former New York City resident, Jill had family members live through 9/11, and she has always been deeply affected by the resulting stories she has covered for Pittsburgh newspapers and magazines since then. However, her first trip to the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York City was the impetus to put together a factual history book that would tell America’s story like no other. Like It Was Yesterday is now getting national attention as a valuable resource for educators and parents.

Jill is an international journalist who has been writing for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette since 2001, along with a variety of magazines, websites and newspapers. Like It Was Yesterday won won Pittsburgh’s TAZ (The Author Zone) award; taking first place in 2015 as a history book.

Jill also coaches other writers to tell their own stories, through teaching, ghost-writing and editing. When she isn’t traveling throughout the country, Jill is at home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

Here is an excerpt from Like It Was Yesterday:

Excerpt from Like It Was Yesterday

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  1. I’d be very interested in reading your book

  2. Hi Phil! Just send me your address. Like It Was Yesterday costs $27.50, which includes shipping. I take Venmo, PayPal, checks, etc. just let me know what you prefer.

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