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Every Bully Needs a Victim

5F7CFCF6-6EA6-4049-8F12-363F795BDFD4I firmly believe that bullying is the reason today’s society has fallen into a perverted pit of despair.

People are too wimpy to stand up for themselves. After eight years of placating terrorists throughout the Obama administration, an entire generation has learned how to be victimized…. and like it.

As a result, it looks like the bullies now run the world.

I used to think that placating my own bullies would somehow make them realize that they were being terribly unfair. But what they learned instead was that I could be bullied.

And when the bullying got to be too much for me to handle, I simply stopped dealing with them.

So, now that the bullies have been shut out of my life, I refuse to let anyone treat me like that again. And after all these years, I have learned to finally stand up for myself.

Every bully needs a victim.

We should all refuse to be another bully’s victim!

©️Jill Cueni-Cohen




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